Requests for Projects

Want to use your skills to help but don’t know what to work on? Check out our constantly updated list of requests for projects from our team and collaborators. Want to suggest another, or work on one of these? Email grantapps {at} and explain why.

  • Make an Android app that does something basic, but does it very well with a high level of fit and finish and usability. Examples: F-Droid client; Calendar; JMAP Email; Camera.
  • Better Android keyboards: Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK); Voice commands.
  • An Android app that delivers push notifications over UnifiedPush for emails using JMAP Push. This would allow for push notifications for email and software that supports email notifications (zulip, gitlab, etc.) without having to run additional background services
  • Open source drivers and/or firmware for hardware (Raspberry Pi, mobile devices, cell modems). LineageOS support for new devices, or improved support for existing devices.
  • Tools for exporting/backing up the user’s data out of Big Tech, e.g. using standards from the Data Transfer Project
  • Apps for posting content to multiple services in parallel (eg Youtube and Rumble and PeerTube, or Twitter and Mastodon).