Chief Silicon Sorcerer (Hardware)

If you constantly find yourself frustrated with hundreds of single-board computers out there and you think you can do a better job designing one, this is your opportunity.

These are the types of projects you would lead:
Design Carrier Boards for a given System on Module (SOM)
Design Modular boards to expand a single-board computer into a laptop
Design of an in-house low cost modular laptop.

Required Skills:
You should have experience and interest in designing and testing awesome PCBs. You just enjoy perfecting traces and obsess over component placement. You have a passion for learning and applying advanced PCB techniques that may be required for different parts (high speed, low noise, impedance match, etc. based on the parts documentation).
You should also be great at communicating. We want you to work with our bare-metal developers on the required Spec and help them get their software running on the board.

We’re frustrated with all the single-board computers, starting with Raspberry Pi and all the other ones that are trying to imitate or compete with it. We don’t want people to treat our single-board computer as “it’s like Raspberry Pi” and throw it in their closet. We want people to use our computers to write awesome programs. The computing power on these small boards far exceeds the desktop computers we had decades ago, but somehow no one takes these boards seriously and no one wants to use them as their daily driver because the software is usually way slower than your typical brand-new intel computer. We’re trying to change that with FUBS and we want you to help us have the perfect computer for it (FUBS is our in-house minimalistic self-hosted programming language. Read more here: We want people to learn how their computers work and start programming with a < $100 computer.

What’s in it for you?
You will get competitive compensation, bonuses, and health insurance.
You get to interact with smart entrepreneurs and engineers on a daily basis. We’re a small company and we care about each other’s growth.
Once a week, you get to spend a few hours socializing with outside engineers and entrepreneurs and exchanging knowledge with them. We provide the place and food!
You get to make an impact. You will lead your own project. Your opinions matter. Your thoughts will become the design. Let that sink in.


To apply: email