Software Release Engineer

Job Description:

FUTO is seeking a meticulous and adaptable Software Release Engineer to join our dynamic team. This individual will act as the essential intermediary between FUTO and our released applications, performing a broad array of tasks ranging from Quality Assurance to Release Management.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and manage App Store listings, ensuring our applications are presented correctly and effectively to maximize visibility.
  • Execute rigorous QA, both manual and automated, for applications pre-release, aiming to spot even the minutest issues, from functionality glitches to UI inconsistencies.
  • Develop and manage robust automated testing processes, aiming to streamline operations and minimize human error (where it makes sense).
  • Handle Release Infrastructure Management, including but not limited to CDN, web servers, Docker hosts, ensuring the optimum resources for smooth application deployment.
  • Demonstrate agility in learning and adapting to new programming languages and remain comfortable working across various languages.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with CI/CD, release pipelines, Git, and other similar tools and processes.
  • Coordinate and manage domains, ensuring all are correctly linked and functional.
  • Oversee infrastructure management to ensure streamlined operations.
  • Display excellent conflict resolution skills in the event of disagreements between the development team and the applicant, with the goal of achieving productive outcomes.
  • Utilize a keen eye for determining what makes a good app, contributing valuable feedback during the development phase.
  • Demonstrate flexibility to contribute to other active projects during periods of low primary role activity.
  • Proactively approach in-development projects, offering constructive feedback to avoid major issues at the release stage.
  • Monitor customer reviews on store listings and ensure efficient communication of these reviews to the development teams for further improvement.


  1. The Software Release Engineer is not responsible for rectifying issues identified; these tasks will be managed by the product development team.
  2. When there is no active work available for primary role, applicant needs to be comfortable working on other active FUTO projects.
  3. The applicant should passionately align with and actively support our organization’s commitment to Software Freedom, demonstrating a deep understanding for the principles of free, unrestricted software usage, transparency, and open collaboration.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

FUTO is looking for an individual who is meticulous, resilient, and highly organized. The candidate must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and the ability to work effectively under pressure. A strong understanding of different programming languages, CI/CD, and release pipelines, as well as experience in infrastructure and domain management, is essential. The ideal candidate will be an efficient problem-solver with an innate ability to identify and rectify issues before release, always ensuring the highest quality of our applications.

To apply, please email jobs {at} with a resume and portfolio.