FUTO’s The Open Source Definition

Open source just means access to the source code.

FUTO adds a few extra restrictions and freedoms.

Things that we don’t want you to do with our software:

  1. Change our payment links to pay someone other than FUTO.
  2. Put advertisements or other malware in our software.
  3. Use our trademarks in modified versions of our software.
  4. Steal attribution for authorship.

Things you can do with our software, assuming you don’t do the above:

  1. Make modifications and run the modified software.
  2. Share your modifications with others.
  3. Freeload by using our software without paying us. We don’t want to rip you off so you can extend your free trial indefinitely (please don’t rip us off by refusing to pay after you’ve decided you like it).

Why Open Source?

FUTO believes that people are entitled to be in control of their computers. They are entitled to know exactly what their computers are doing. They are entitled to program them how they like.

Why have restrictions?

FUTO also believes that in order to achieve a high level of quality every piece of software should have a responsible owner. If the software is good they should be proud. If the software is bad it’s their job to make it better. If the software is profitable they should reap the profit. We do not want to unnecessarily reduce an author’s ownership or exclusive right to profit from their hard work.