Spring Social 2023

Friends of FUTO, we’re so excited to see you all on Saturday for our second annual Spring Social! Get ready for some great musical performances and better camaraderie. We are anticipating a WAITLIST for the event so if you RSVP’d and can’t make it please change your status so others can get a chance. Thank you so much and don’t forget to download one of our pro-privacy, pro-tech sovereignty apps to show at the door. Better yet, download all of them, they’re pretty great!

Grayjay – Watch and cast content every major video platform on one app! Follow your favorite creators, not the big tech silo they happen to be trapped in. Available on Android

Circles – A photo sharing app that NEVER shares your data with anyone outside your own circle: Available for iOS and Android, and on F-Droid.

Harbor – An independent sovereign identity layer. Claim your ownership of a website, a social media account, or verify anything else about someone, with math! Use it to post on Polycentric while you’re at it. Available on iOS and Android

FUTO Keyboard – Want to get Google out of your Android Open Source Project phone? Try our all local, no-calling-home Keyboard and speech-to-text alpha.